Here we go…

Finally the first post and what a great time to post!  The sun is shining yet, it is cool and breezy.  The garden is giving it’s bounty daily including beautiful giant sunflowers, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers and green beans.  Let the freezing begin!  We are not experienced gardeners by any stretch of the imagination, but we learn a bit more every year.  I am hopeful that as we learn, our garden will grow bigger.  Our chickies had a run in with a hungry something this year and we lost 6 in one day. 😦  Sad, very sad but the remaining 6 hens and 2 guineas are getting along and laying eggs for us, so I cannot complain.

The Little Lady

My Dude

Soon we start our homeschooling adventure…I am both excited and scared.  If I screw this up, I don’t have 30 something other teachers to blame, just myself.  No pressure there. :-/  We will take it day by day with a plan in mind, but not carved in stone.  My babies will lead their learning.  My goal for them, to love learning as much as I do.  My love of learning didn’t come from schooling, it came from my dad, who made everything an adventure and a learning experience.  A born teacher, everything was an opportunity to learn.  I did not however realize until much later, that I was learning and that made it fun.   This is what I want for my children, to love to learn, without the negative connotation of school and desk learning that so many kids have today.  Fun, learning and life experiences are what I want my kids to get out of their education….Here we go!

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