Hurricane Entertainment…

So here we are in the middle of a hurricane and this is what we are doing…

Canning and making lasagna!  This is our first attempt at canning so we went a bit easier on ourselves.  We had planned on going all out and making sauce, but with the threat of the flickering lights and power going out we decided to go with crushed tomatoes with fresh basil to make it a bit easier and quicker.  I had pulled all of the red and almost red tomatoes out of the garden so hurricane Irene wouldn’t claim them so we had to do something with these beautiful, organic fruit.  I also didn’t want the to end up splattered all over the chicken coop. 😉
I’ll post as soon as we try them, although that might be a while as we vowed not to use them until the dead of the winter for the time and sheer sweat factor.  Man, the kitchen was hot between the lasagna and every burner on the stove going. Phew!  Sweating and not being able to open the windows are NOT a good combination.  Toss in the threat of not being able to shower due to power loss and you have one stinky kitchen…. ;-p  Pretty good for our first time.

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