Hmmm….What have we been up to?!?!  Well, the business has been busy and the homestead is ready for winter preparations. But the rest I can show in pictures as I have already forgotten.  I had once heard a saying “busy people get more done”.  I’d have to agree.  We began canning pickles and brandied peaches last night at 7pm…crazy, right!  We finished at about 10, not too bad. 🙂
Lets take a photo tour down the memory lane of the last few weeks…
That’s totally lazy speak for I can’t remember anything. 😉

Ahh, yes, we transformed baby Eve’s room into a playroom/classroom…and they love it!  Bonus for Mom, the living room stays mainly clean now that all of the toys have a home. Yay!!
 Apple Crisp made with mac and granny’s and organic brown sugar which makes ALL of the difference.  So rich with a great molasses flavor!!

 My newest and most favorite things!!  I am so in love with these boots.  I wore them around the yard chasing guinea hens with what I fondly refer to as a hippie skirt…It felt so right to wear them together, I might just venture out to the store like that! Ha!!

 More garden goodies!  Thanks to late blight and dang, creepy hornworms, our tomatoes are just about done.  We did get some good canning and freezing done.  So I do feel good about that. ❤
Banana and Apples foster waffles…Yummy!
Peaches peeled and ready for some brandy!
Mark’s crazy pickle creations!

I was so bummed. 😦  One of my big jars of brandied peaches busted in the canner. 😦
The canned loot!!
Feels great to make your own food for the winter! ❤