Man, I’ve really got to stay up on this blog!

It seems that everyday I have a new idea on this blog and where it is/should be headed.  I guess I’ll just stick to our lives and the happenings in them along with some hints, tips and ideas to make life a bit easier. 🙂
So…it seems that I have Months of stuff to catch up on so here goes!
Months in pictures…..

 This is my Tootsies 2nd birthday cake.  My baby takes after her namesake,  Evelyn her Great grandmother who was a chocolate fanatic.  I remember one year my Dad brought her a solid chocolate bunny from a local chocolatier.  The thing was over 2 feet tall and she savored every bite!  Such an amazing woman.  My Tootsies cake was a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream on the outside and on the inside alternating with toasted marshmallow buttercream to fill in between the 4 layers of cake.  I got the inspiration here… I love this blog!! I love any good food blog though. 😉  It was so decadent one piece was plenty and needed a 16 oz organic milk chaser.  I wish I had a piece right now. Bummer.

Ahhh yes! Pickles!! Lots of pickles!  We are waiting for the depths of the winter to open up a jar of these babies.  I’ll let ya know when we do….

I have to put this picture in because this little egg is called a fart egg! Yup….I said that and every time I do…I giggle a little.

The common ground fair.  The hubs has been trying to drag me to this for years!  There is always a legit reason that we don’t make it, this year I couldn’t come up with one so we went.  Man, was I wrong!  What an amazing time.  We have never been to such a place.   All of the food was healthy, there were so soda fountains to be found.  It was a little piece of heaven on earth.  We found all of the organic seeds that we will need to start our garden next spring attended a seminar on raising pigs, keeping chickens and the kids got to see tons of animals and eat anything they wanted because it was either organic or completely natural.    We did not get to see all that we wanted and we loved it so much that we are going to stay up in that area next year and go to all 3 days!  Silly but true, what impressed me most was the fact that just about everywhere you looked, there was a water filling station!  We must have filled our bottles 20 times over the day.  It was more than I could have ever expected and the people…what a peaceful feel the whole fair had. There were so many people, but there was an air of calm and kindness.  No pushing, no shoving, no bratty kids running around….it really was wonderful!  Plus we had a great cup of organic coffee…which brings me to the next picture….
This is how serious we are about coffee… 😉  Just saying!
Crafty critters, this is the school table that the kids painted, finally finished and ready for years of learning, ❤
Phew..I think that just about catches us up…for now. 🙂
We are playing with a few new toys, a pressure canner and pressure cooker…I feel some recipes coming on! Yeah!! Stay tuned!

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