January 1st 2012!

Wow..first I can’t believe that another year has passed?!?
Where did the time go?  My babies are one year older as are we.  Neither of which bothers me as well, we ripen with age and my kids get to a new level of fun and function.  Will I miss the past? Yes, but that is where it belongs.  I do make sure to take pictures and videos to instantly transport me back when I am feeling nostalgic…it really is instant. 🙂
As for the new year…exciting new promises and new adventures abound.  We are going to try our hand at pig raising this year and perhaps next year, bees!  We are taking a more natural route to many things, first off our food, then our toiletries.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to make your own laundry soap and deodorant!
As for this blog, I will try my hardest to blog everyday with our lives, tips and tidbits of natural living and recipes to go along with it.  Now…I have been a pretty crappy blogger thus far, so maybe one day a week I can play catch up with all of the information that I have been keeping to post but never got to.  So keep your eye out. 🙂

Our NYE was very quiet and that was just fine with us, we are looking for more quiet in our lives. 🙂

We made a nice Salmon Dinner with rosemary brown rice and steamed broccoli one of our little family favorites followed by a make your own s’more parfait in which we mistakenly made fudge instead of ganache, which was ok with me!

On the first of the new year the thermometer said 58 degrees in the sun so I decided to let the ladies out to graze for the first time since we got them as chicks in late October.  They were confused in the beginning but once they realized the good pickins, they decided that it was ok.   Perhaps it was the gentle coaxing of Mj who very calmly let them check out his boots and his pjs while explaining to them that “if you see a bug, you can eat it but, if you see a rock you cannot.  They don’t taste very good”  I didn’t have the heart to explain the theory of grit…we’ll get to that. 🙂
I hope that your New years was just as you expected it to be.  Ours certainly was. 🙂

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