Lazy Chickens…

I think we have lazy chickens.  Probably sounds strange, but this is our 3rd batch of chickens (can I call them a batch? Kinda makes them sound like cookies.) and these gals don’t seem to have much motivation to do anything.  Really, you ask, what does a chicken do?  Well, normally they forage for snacks like bugs and clover.  These gals, not so much.  They come a running when they hear me in the morning and at snack time, but that’s about it.  I open the door for them to free-range, they do one lap around the coop and decide it’s not for them and return inside.   They have a nice run, where they can hang out on snowy days, but nope they are inside perched on their roosts.  I guess it’s not entirely a bad thing.  There is no real pecking order as not one of them seems to have the motivation to be the leader, so that means no fighting.  That’s good.  I guess I don’t have to worry about them being bored, they seem to enjoy that.  That’s good too, no entertaining the chickens to reduce chicken violence.  Yes, I did say chicken violence.   All I see when I look inside is the knitting chicken from chicken run.

Although I have never seen knitting needles per se, I still can’t assume that isn’t what’s happening in there….

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