For the love of laundry…

It’s that time again, it’s always that time. *sigh*  Laundry time!  6 years ago (you know, sans children) I could never imagine the sheer amount of laundry that I would do in a week and there is ALWAYS a pile left.   When I get to the bottom of the pile, I feel so good about having it all done that I decide at that moment that it is time to change ALL of the sheets and towels.  I guess I do it to myself. 😦  Anywho, I decided a while ago that I wanted to put less junk into the water that we’ll eventually drink and found a recipe online for a laundry soap that is easy to make and uses ingredients that I can cross utilize in other areas of the home.   It may seem odd to make your own laundry soap, but for us it makes sense.  By making my own I save money, resources, the earth and time.  So it really is a win-win for us.  It takes maybe 10 minutes and lasts quite a while, even with all of the laundry that I do.  So here it is….

2 cups of shaved bar soap (I love Dr. Bronners peppermint, small shave)

I use either a box grater or hard cheese grater, both work well

*Update*  I’ve since moved onto a kitchen aid.  I use the shredder attachment and it takes minutes to whip up a batch!!

1 cup Borax

1 cup Washing Soda

1 cup Baking Soda

Pick your container, add the ingredients, cover and shake well to break up soap.

PLEASE cover while you shake because the powders will create a dust that you won’t want to inhale. 🙂

I use less than a 1/4 cup per load and I usually double the recipe so I won’t have to make it for a while.

 Give it a shake every once and a while because the soap shavings can tend to settle on the bottom

I also use vinegar as fabric softener. 🙂

Now off to actually do the laundry…

4 thoughts on “For the love of laundry…

    • Love soap nuts! I’m trying all sorts of things to see what works best for us. I also used a liquid made from soap nuts as a dish detergent and it worked well! Thanks for reminding me!! 🙂

  1. This home made laundry soap sounds like a wonderful idea! Do you know how well this soap works in an HE front-loader?

    • It works wonderfully! We just upgraded to a front load HE and I lOVE it! I never really smelled the peppermint in the top loader, but in the front loader, as soon as I open the door it smells wonderful! You can also use a non scented soap and add your own essential oils. It is so easy and quick that now I feel silly going to the store to buy laundry soap. Let me know how it turns out for you. 🙂

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