A sleeping baby…

One of my very favorite things to do is watch my little ones drift off into sleep.  There is something so incredibly special about this.  Maybe it’s the fact that I know that their little, always moving bodies are finally getting a well deserved break.  Maybe it’s because sleeping is the only time that they are still enough for me to truly be able to look at them, to appreciate them.  Maybe it’s because I know that I am the only one that knows how each of them falls asleep.  I am the only one in the world that knows that my little guy twitches ever so slightly when he is just about to dreamland or that my little girl has a habit of letting out a giant sigh just before she slips into a deep sleep.  I watch as her tiny eye lids close for a moment then spring open as if she was going to miss something important, just to be so overcome by tiredness that they slowly close again.  This happens a few times and then she just gives in.

~Mj 3 years ago~

~Eve this week~

My kids never quite made it to their cribs.  We bought cribs, twice, yet the only time they spent in them was when I needed to grab something that could be dangerous to them or required 2 hands and usually it was only for  a few minutes at a time.  I couldn’t and still can’t give up that special time.  I love knowing them so well that I can tell that they are going to need kisses because a bad dream is coming.  I only know this from studying them and knowing that their breathing pattern changes ever so slightly when a bad dream is on the way.  I love knowing the things that only I know.  I love those special times that teach me so much about these amazing little beings that I have the honor of parenting.  I love that they don’t even know these things about themselves yet and that I will be able to share these special moments with them when they are older.  I love that I know them better than they know themselves and I love that someday, when they are ready, the roles will be reversed and  I’ll have the joyful task of figuring them out all over again.   Until then, I will notice and note, hug and kiss, revel in and remember theses very special times that belong to only us. ❤

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