Sneezes, runny noses, congestion…OH MY!

Ahhh….  ’tis the season for sneezing, runny noses, watery eyes, all night coughs and the list goes on and on.  My poor babes, second whopper of a cold in 3 months.  Now I know that colds aren’t normally a big deal, but to my kids they are.  See, they haven’t quite grasped the blowing of the nose or the full out coughing up the muck, so down it goes and must come back up somehow and never in the proper receptacles. 😦  Poor little things, I feel so awful for them.

8 Boxes of puff plus later….

Hope fully we are on the end of this, again….  So, I must apologize for my absence, but I so have a good excuse. 😉  Time to sanitize the house, again….

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