A Laundry line….

As far as I can remember, we never had a laundry line.  Maybe when I was under 2 years old living in the midwest, but other than that, it never was an option at our home that we grew up in.  Mainly because ( I think, anyway) my Dad always had his practice next to or in our house.  I always looked at laundry lines as more work then they were worth.  What kind of nut would want to drag their laundry outside and take all that time to pin it onto a line?!?

I wanted to give it a try anyway, so, I ordered this laundry line.

I wanted one that I could take down because I hadn’t fully committed to doing this and I wanted to option to remove it when we had company.

 We got it, we set it up, it was super easy!

Well, I am here to say I was WRONG!  I am now that laundry hanging nut, and I love it!

We have lived here, in our home for 7 years now.  We’ve added flower beds, a chicken coop, shed, pig pen and all sorts of different things to personalize and make this place our home, but oddly enough, once I saw the laundry blowing in the breeze, I felt like we had finally made it ours. ❤

Now for all of this rain to pass, so  can get outside and hang the laundry again! 🙂

This Moment…

Better late than never?!? 🙂


{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a special moment. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

*Idea courtesy of Soulemama ❤

Babies and Butter…


I find myself outside often, just leaning over the fence staring at them, they are so cute!  They scamper and run, eat and poop.  I swear the little brown one is straight out of the new muppet movie.


They took a few days for them to get acclimated to us, but now they come running.  One even tried to eat my boot this morning.  They are smart and curious and LOVE to eat and root around.  One of the reasons that we chose the to put them in the area that we did is because in that area, the ground was so hard and compact that we would have has to till the whole thing to have a garden in that spot next year.  Now, with the help of my little friends snouts and their love of bugs, the area is being tilled and turned.  I really had no idea that there was soil under there as they stripped all of the rich topsoil when they built our home.  We will let them till and eat all they want from that paddock and when they are through, we’ll move them to the other side and plant a fast growing crop in the side that they turned and keep flipping them so they always have fresh pasture to play an eat. 🙂

So, that’s the piggie update. 🙂

Now onto butter!

We do love butter so I thought I’d buy some cream and make my own.  I had NO idea how easy it was!  Now, I get fresh cream and make butter once a week.  You really don’t have to watch it until the very end as it splashes.

First add your cream to a stand mixer with a whisk..I had a little in my coffee, so it wasn’t quite a quart, but the coffee was amazing! 😉

Add cream to the mixer and start whipping.  Add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of sea salt…

Keep whipping…you’ll recognize the yummy whipped cream stage, but keep going…

The whipped cream will become loose and chunky and you’ll begin to see the buttermilk separating.

You might want to get a towel to put over the mixer at this stage as it will splatter….

When it begins to ball up, you’ve got butter!!

Pour off the buttermilk and save it for a recipe.  Take your butter and run it under very cold water while kneading it until the water runs clear.  This washes the excess buttermilk out and makes your butter last longer.

At this stage you can put your freshly made butter back into a clean mixing bowl and add chopped herbs or cinnamon sugar or honey or just about anything to make a flavored (compound) butter. 🙂

Yummy butter and buttermilk!

Use your fresh butter for some Salted Caramel Buttercream creme horns!! Mmmmm!


Now, on the subject of butter…I have read that to get a richer butter flavor it is recommended to let your cream sit out for about 12 hours to sour a bit, then churn it.  I will try that next time, but I find this butter to be just delicious.  You might also want to add a bit of vinegar to your buttermilk if you are using it in a recipe as most buttermilk is cultured (soured).

As the grass turns greener in this area I plan on getting cream from local pastured cows and making bulk butter and freezing it.  Milk and cream from cows grazing on new spring grass has so many more vitamins than any other time of year.

Might as well capitalize on that. 🙂

Enjoy your butter!!

They’re here!!!

We have planned, read, built and waited, and now they are here!

Our little piggies!!

We started with  a plan of one, but who wants a lonely depressed pig, so we opted for 2.  Well if we’re going to have 2, why not 3?  What’s one more mouth??  So 3 it was.  We ordered them in the fall from a local farmer.  As we got closer we wanted one more, why not?

 So phone call after phone call, we finally found another little to join our brood only a short hour and a half away.

There was a little squealing from the new boarders at the pig farmers and the kids found some new friends who homeschool too!

All in all a great day!  Everyone is getting along well.  The pigs could care less about the chickens and the chickens are like  bunch of old gossipy ladies, squawking around trying to figure these new things out.  They do like new pig food though. Bonus!

So, without further ado….

Checking out the new digs!

Rooting around already.

The ladies checking out their newest farm mates.

Making a place to nap.

Fresh fruit and vegetable scraps.

Rooting in the dirt AND eating…pig heaven!

Tired from all the activity.

Checking out the camera.

The happy 4!  Can you guess which one was the late addition?!?

So, there they are!  The newest additions to our growing family and we couldn’t be happier. 🙂