A Birthday….

We had a birthday this past week…a special 6th birthday for my beautiful baby… er…big boy.

I was the Mom sitting quietly on the couch watching him open his gifts and thinking of every birthday that has passed and how he’s grown from such a small, dependent baby to this gentle, emotional, independent, solid 6-year-old.  He is a smart and very inquisitive boy, which at times drives me up a wall, but when we are out and about and he whips out one of the topics which we’ve talked about, that a 6-year-old doesn’t normally chat about, I beam with pride.  He sucks everything into that giant noggin of his and there it stays until it’s needed again.

I love this boy so….

He made me a Mom and for that, he will always have my heart.

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Boy!  

Thank you for helping me to learn patience, kindness, unconditional love and that a smile and a giggle can really change ones day.  You sir, are a blessing and a gift that I could never have imagined would bring me such joy. ❤

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