A month…really???

Holy Cow!!  What happened to July??

I can’t believe that July is just about gone?  We have been super busy, our main focus this past month has been the renovation of our first baby, our business that we opened 9 years ago!  Since this lovely blog is not about that passion, I shall stop there, but MAN, did that suck up a whole month.

Back on track with the home life…

We’ve been weeding, which is a chore that needs more love this year than ever!  We normally put down landscape fabric, but this year we opted to put some straw down instead.  It lead to more weeds, well more like fresh straw. 😦  I was beginning to feel like a garden failure then I spoke to an Organic grower who said not to be afraid of weeds, they aren’t necessarily the enemy.  Ever since she told me that, I have felt like much less of a failure and have actually enjoyed looking at the garden instead of looking at it and sighing at all of the weeding that I had to do.

We have had a ridiculously good zucchini crop this year and the cucumbers are doing well too!  I am over run with zucchini and am looking for alternate ideas…Please share in the comment section if you have any!  Kale is coming up nicely and tomatoes seem a bit slow, but they’ll probably all pop at once then we’ll be canning again. 🙂

(Refrigerator Pickles!)

OMG….I have to just tell y’all that the house smells DIVINE right now, I am cooking a batch of bacon jam…yep, I said it!    BACON JAM!

I can’t wait to share it with you.  I by no way invented it, I tweaked it and made the recipe my own, but MAN oh MAN…I might just be eating it on everything!

(Not the best picture, I just couldn’t stop petting him to concentrate on a picture…)

This little guy is my newest obsession.  No. He’s not mine.  Boo! 😦  We were just visiting him, but I have never wanted something so bad.  This guy is only a week old….and I’m in love!

We don’t have enough land for a cow or 4, so we are on the hunt for more land…Shhhhh…Don’t tell anyone. 😉

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