My Baby is 3….

We recently celebrated my little one’s 3rd Birthday.

As much as I discourage my kids falling into the marketing and advertising traps, this little girl fell hard for Hello Kitty and I couldn’t say no to those giant blue eyes!

She got her Hello Kitty birthday complete with a Hello Kitty cake and decorations that I printed and strung.

We kept the decorations up for a week, then had to explain to this beautiful 3 year old that they had to come down, it was just time.  So we put them in the closet for use in another craft somewhere down the road. 🙂

On each little ones birthday, even through the celebration, craziness and hubbub, I find myself alone for a few minutes thinking about how fast they are growing.  I find myself looking into the future and seeing them finding their own way eventually away from me and it is just like a scene out of a movie.  Me – sad that they are leaving…them – smiling and happy to be spreading their wings.  I allow myself this realization one day a year because I don’t want them growing up too fast and I fear that if I think about it too often that it will come true.  So for now, it’s back to a 3 year olds birthday party and enjoying them just as they are today.

Quick note on the cake..I don’t use artificial food coloring so for the bow, in my spice grinder, I ground some freeze dried raspberries and added that to the buttercream. OMG!  It was amazing, like getting punched in the face with a giant raspberry, everyone wanted that piece!  I also used turmeric for the nose and natural licorice for the whiskers, eyes and mouth.

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