Spring…Where are you??

I am normally a very patient person, well that may not be completely true, but I can’t change the seasons, so I wait.


From the last storm…



The gals are ready!

This year though, it has been particularly hard to wait to see the signs of spring.  Normally by now we see something, but most of the ground is still covered in a snow or muck besides the fact that I’m pretty sure that my chickens ate all of my perennials last year.  I walked around the house last year thinking something looked different and lo and behold, not only did they eat my flowering perennial like tulips, lilies and daffodils, they ate my hostas!  Really ladies, my hostas?!?  Those things have been there for 7 years, they grow with no fail, well they grew with no fail.  If they start to grow this year, I may have to dish soap them or something to keep those little beaks off my flowers.

I stood in the sun yesterday at a balmy 35 degrees with my arms outstretched all “Odd life of Timothy Green” style to try to recharge the sun battery that my moods tend to rely on.  I imagined the laundry line blowing in the breeze, scaring the hawks away and shading those fuzzy little butts that run around the yard armlessly.  It helps, it really does.

I will not be fooled into bringing out lawn furniture yet, as I think there is maybe one more surprise up Mother Natures sleeve.

Until the days of sun and breezes, we will soak in what sun we can get and remember not to moan and whine when the sun is too hot for us this summer. 🙂

One thought on “Spring…Where are you??

  1. I see your pictures and various other people’s snowy surroundings and I get a little bummed. I know you want spring, but I’d dearly love one good snow before spring…just one. We had a fairly mild winter and I’m feeling off kilter because of that. Maybe we should trade places for a couple of days to even everything out? Have a great weekend

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