Fortunate are we!!

Last Month we were fortunate enough to be part of a home school group that attended a class on the weather atop Mt. Washington and rode the Cog Railway up to the summit of Mt. Washington!  What a blast!  The kids are still talking about it and the experience of being on top of the world (at least in our little corner of it, anyway).    What a cool experience!  I remember going up as a kid, but I remember it being waaayyy scarier.  They have made giant leaps in the form of safety and new equipment.  As a kid, I felt like we could slip back at anytime and plummet to the bottom, which is how I thought I’d feel this time, but the ride was nice, very nice and felt safe.  The conductors were very knowledgeable and we learned about the history of the mountains and how some great folks worked tirelessly to preserve the areas wilderness.  We learned that the first building was built on the top of the mountain in 1852!  I can’t even imagine!



IMG_4723 IMG_4694

And finally VERY excited to have the schoolroom coming along!!  It has been a long process and we’ve had to learn a lot.  At this point, I don’t see anymore additions to our home in our future…but we’ll chat when all is said and done and we can move everything upstairs. 😉


We are hoping that we can get it all finished within the next few weeks and finally have everything back in their places….. 🙂

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