Here we are…A New Year!

Whoa!  As wonderful as 2013 was for us, it was by far the busiest I think we’ve ever been in our business and in our personal life.  It isn’t until we look back that we see exactly where we’ve been and what we’ve done.  I am so very thankful and feel very fortunate that we were able to accomplish all that we have this past year…without any mental breakdowns (although we were close!)

This New Year, my goal is to visit here more…to write more, for me and for the kids.  To really put forth a great effort and push on their schooling as we have a bit to catch up on and the allow them to be kids through it all.  I want to have more field trips, less craziness and more calm.  One can hope at least. 😉






After… (Play Area)


After… (School and Office Area)


After…(School Area with Magnet Wall)




After…(New Stairs)

We’ve finally finished (well, mostly) our new school/play/office and added a bathroom.  It was a ton more work than we thought it would be, I blame HGTV for that.  They can redo and entire house in an hour…why can’t we put an addition on our house in 3 weeks…seemed like a no brainer to us!  As we found it, it doesn’t work that way and I thank the contractor that raised the roof, so to speak, for not laughing out loud in our faces for even suggesting it.  His portion was done in 2 weeks which left us to do sub-floors, wiring, framing,  bathroom, floors, insulation, sheet rocking, taping, sanding, mudding…blah, blah in a week.  Well, lets just say that 6 months later we are just finishing up.  We had some family help along the way.  My father in law was with us for a 2 week stint that turned into 5 weeks. I do believe that him being here saved our marriage from ruin as the Hubs and I don’t do projects together very well, or we didn’t until this rather large project came to be.  His knowledge was invaluable and I learned so much!

So here we are!  The best part of all of this, was that it all happened so fast that there wasn’t much time to think “what the hell are we doing, we don’t know how to do that!”.  I watched a lot of you tube to learn and the rest we figured out.

 We haven’t planned any big projects for this year, thankfully,  but may add a little something to the farm…at least we are talking about it any. 😉

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