Ahhh..our very hardworking ladies and their sweet nectar!


My amazing 88 year old grandmother who very much wanted to see what happens in the hive.  She asked the best questions that day and had been doing her own research since!  Never stop learning people, never. ❤

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It has been a journey for us, this foray into bee keeping, but we are so glad that we followed through.  My sweet husband had this idea last year of keeping bees.  I went along with it, and I’ll tell you why.  In the past, the hubs has had a pretty rational fear of insects, pretty much ALL insects.  Since starting to our little farm, he has gotten much better, actually very good about being around insects and dealing with them on a regular basis.  I still did not believe though that the bee keeping idea would come to fruition so when he said he’d be taking a class on bee keeping, I said “cool!”.  Between you and me, I thought he’d get into the nitty-gritty of it all and opt out of the whole idea….that is a lot of insects to deal with.  He did not.  I completely underestimated his resolve in this matter.  I really should know by now that his follow through is pretty spot on and that we would soon have 60,000 bees flying around.

After a class, the initial investment and a weekly check in on the bees by the hubs, the ladies made it through their first winter successfully! Yay!

We researched what flowers they like and planted a large flower garden in the spring just for them, not to mention the huge food garden that we planted this year, that is for another post. 😉

We set them up with some great nectar and pollen and they certainly rewarded us with some beautiful honey!

I should also mention that because of these amazing little creatures, our little farm seems happier then ever this year!

 Now we have enough honey for all of the elderberry syrup that we could need this winter as well as my newly found addiction to tea.  Yay!!

We are so grateful. ❤

One thought on “Bees!

  1. Hooray My Maine Peeps…Loved the pictures too– but i got the woolees just looking at those bees! Mark u r my Hero. Love u guys keep up the good work! The more pictures the more smiles… So My Sweet Michelle–keep um coming Mich& thanks! God Bless u All…love from the L word LOL😻

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