Why, It’s another reenactment….

This time we recruited more folks to come with us!

This was the one that my guy REALLY wanted to go to, it was a revolutionary encampment at a historical fort site on the banks of the Atlantic ocean.

These folks stayed here all weekend.  They slept here, cooked, here and sold their wares here.  Which my boy was certainly excited to see, as he scored himself a wooden rifle. 😉

What I found very interesting was the battle reenactment that took place while we were there.  I never thought about it but it was so loud and felt so real.  The ground shook when they fired the howitzer!  I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like to actually be nearby for a real battle!

What a great group of people.  They were very excited to talk to us, share and educate us on the official goings on of the time period.

Probably my favorite part of the day was just how interested my 16 year old niece was (although she’d probably never admit it) in the battle.

Another great day had learning and re-learning about our history.

IMG_8670 IMG_8674 IMG_8676 IMG_8678 IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8682 IMG_8688 IMG_8685 IMG_8684

What a privilege and a service that these folks are doing for our kids, young and old.  I would have never suggested going to an event like this, but this homeschooling thing certainly has me out of my comfort bubble and muck boots long enough to experience new things. ❤

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