Our newest additions…

We’d like to introduce you to the newsiest additions to our growing homestead.

IMG_7691 IMG_7692

Meet the worms.  Can you see them??

This is most certainly a hubs venture.  Gee, for a guys who wouldn’t kill a spider a few short years ago, he’s really taken to the stinging and slimy world of winged things and creepy crawlies.  We now have approximately 2000 worms, which will grow in numbers to 10,000, living in the basement among the seldomly needed things and laundry.  Thankfully they are  contained in a bin where they will eat and poop, much like all other living things in and around this joint. 😉

Anywho, why worms??  Poop of course, silly!

Basically, we feed the worms compost worthy scraps and they give us poo (or castings).  This worm poo is great for the garden!  Worm castings have been found to stimulate growth in plants, they help to retain water and help to stop root rot.  They reduce the carbon in soil and increase the nitrogen.  They also have the ability to fix heavy metals in waste.  How cool is that!

Fertilizer from food waste!  These guys will hang out in the basement for the winter and then we’ll add the castings to the garden either by top dressing it or making poo compost tea to water the soil with.

So now I have worms in the basement.

What’s next?!?

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