2015 Pigs….


Do you want to know the most worrisome part of raising pigs??

The escapes!

Pigs are naturally curious creatures and want what is on the other side of the fence, that is until they learn what the fence can do.  But until then they try and this crew succeeded well, multiple times!  These guys and gals were an adventurous crew to say the least.

The day that we picked them up happened to be the day of our son’s 9th birthday…happy birthday kid!  You get pigs! Yay!

Anywho, we safely got them into their new enclosure.  This crew is the first to be re-homed directly in the new enclosure.   We really thought they’d be good little piggies and stay within the fencing since this was their home now.  Umm..nope.

In the middle of the party the hubs and I taking turns watching the pasture for our little friends.  Then it happens…I don’t see them anymore!  First, let me say that they are little babes when we get them and have over an acre of tree filled pasture to themselves so they can be hard to spot even when they are grown and 235 lbs.  In the middle of the party, in our party clothes, we slam on our boots and run out the door.  Searching the enclosure they are no where to be found.  PANIC!  I grabbed a piece cardboard and off we went into the woods to find them.  These wonderful heritage breed pigs are not your typical pink color, these beauties are black, which makes them veery hard to spot in the forrest.   Especially when they are tiny, fast, and low to the ground.  Luckily they stayed together and eventually we spotted them, got in front of them with our make shift cardboard corral and nudged them back toward home at which time they WALKED right through the electric fence without even a squeal!

We need a plan B…oh and can some one pass the party punch??

We were so afraid they would do it again, that we stole the chicken fence (the chickens got a crash coarse in free ranging) and put that inside the electric fence. Ha! Take that cutie pies DOUBLE electric fence.  While all of this is going on, the guests of the party are non the wiser to the pig chase, until one notices that I’ve changed my clothes.  Then I had to explain how I fell in the mud in my dress clothes chasing pigs, during the party.  All in a day, right??

So we we are all good, pigs are back and in a double electric fence!  Phew!


Escape numero deux…

About a month and a half later while playing a video game with my little guy, I glanced out the window and see a black pig casually stroll by the window, then another…hmmm I thought, that is odd, then it hit me, the pigs are out!!


It’s just me home and 4 pigs on the loose.  What to do??  Well. honestly, I don’t know what I did but after a bit of chasing and enticing with feed (I am built for comfort, not for speed), I got one back in the fence and the others followed.  Thank the lord!  It was decided then that we would have to run another electric line in order for me not to end up in the looney bin.  So that is exactly what we did and they stayed put, grew well and were happy.

These guys are the first to live their whole time with us with an entire acre + to do as they please.  They had a favorite wallow spot that I would fill once a day and on really hot days, they would bound down the hill to get a daily spray down of cool water, then back up to lay in the shade.  These guys were wonderful. ❤  Sweet, good natured, attentive and they came when called.  They loved their organic apple snacks and all of the organic garden goodies.  I am so very thankful that we can do this, raise our own animals for ourselves and for our friends.

We are truly blessed. ❤

2015 pigs