It started with an island…

“Let’s do this…”

Famous last words, right?!?

Hey, it’s winter, the farm is quiet, lets relax and contemplate life…


This is how a typical thought goes in these parts. With our little farm, we can always do something, fix something, improve something…always something. 🙂

One quiet morning we looked at the kitchen island, that we’ve pretty much always hated and thought, “Hmm, let’s find something bigger!” In theory, this sounds great but in reality, I am a bit of a frugal gal, so going out and spending a ton of money makes my stomach churn.  Paying someone else to do something that I can figure out…no way.  I am a bit of a DIY gal an autodidact, a big word that I recently read somewhere meaning, a self-taught person, and thought “that is me!”.

Out of sheer frugality and stubbornness my love affair with Annie Sloan paint began. I am a researcher at heart, I want to know all of the variables and the best way to do something before I begin. Not because I am a perfectionist, but because I don’t want to do it over. If you ask my husband, he’ll tell you that I am not a fan of backtracking, so doing something over, drives me nuts. Out of my research, I found Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Since that fateful day in early January, I’ve refinished a buffet and small dresser for the kitchen islands (then we topped them with walnut),  all of the kitchen cabinets,  4 dressers , a large mirror and an antique hutch.  I can honestly say that I am addicted to refinishing furniture with this stuff. No sanding, no priming just paint, lightly sand and wax. I am always on the prowl for new thing to refinish. God love my husband, he picks them up for me and brings them home. He does not complain when I sold our perfectly good, newer bedroom set for 2 old and mismatched dressers that I then refinish to match. He does not say a word, actually he helps, not painting, but searching and finding new pieces. The really cool part of if all is that it costs us next to nothing and we usually come out making a little! It’s like a game of shells, we sell a piece and buy a piece, usually for less, refinish, sell, buy a piece, buy paint (which lasts a long time) and so on.

It started with an island…








Hard to believe that these were pieces of furniture!


Before and after


Before and after





After…still looking for the right pulls.


Before and after



My apothecary!!  I have wanted a place to store my potions and lotions forever!


This is so old that the glass has bubbles in it! Love!

Swoon worthy….every piece!  I am in love with my new found friend Annie Sloan and all of our “new” old furniture.

If I can do it..You can too!  Try something new, learn something new, don’t be afraid.

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