A Memorial Weekend…..

We spent the weekend remembering the most wonderful man that I have ever known…

My Dad

I’m going to brag for just a moment….

My Dad was such an amazing man!  He was truly one of a kind.  He touched so many people that even 3 years after his passing he is being remembered and honored for his service to his family, his country, his volunteer work and by the town where he and my Mother settled 35 years ago.

This wonderful man was selfless and never showy in his efforts to help others.  He did for others because it was right, pure and simple.  Because of this reason, (and a million other reasons) he is being honored this weekend.

How do you honor a true Patriot, a Vietnam veteran who almost lost his life fighting for his country but, as he would say, LUCKILY only lost a leg instead?  By installing a 60 ft flag pole that will proudly wave a 16×25 foot flag above the athletic fields of the town, that’s how!

My little Man, My niece and my Brother-in-law


My little guy and my Niece, the Marine…just like her Pepere.

(This beautiful flag pole and marker were the brain child and donation of a local credit union that Dad volunteered with.)

Oh my…would he ever be smiling to see this. ❤


The very next day we set out on our 3rd annual family mystery trip that honors the memory of our Dad on the day of his passing.

When we were growing up my dad would find the really neat, unique places, plan a trip, write up clues for the destinations and off we would go. Our trips were a combination of kooky, off the wall places mixed in with historical and educational spots.  No matter what the destination was, it was always fun because he made it fun.

This year all 16 of us set out to Rhode Island to visit the Mansions of Newport and the Roger Williams Zoo where the kids got to feed the giraffes!  What an experience for them!

The Breakers, Newport

We finished the evening by setting off floating sky lanterns at the beach in remembrance of this amazing man who still, 3 years later touches so many.

Off they go, reaching the Heavens…each one with a special message . ❤


  I miss my Dad so much, but I see him every day in my kids, especially in my little man who had 3 precious year to drink in all that his Pepere did.

Thank you Dad, for all that you taught us, fought for us, shared with us, and for every ounce of love that you gave….

Until we meet again… 

A Birthday….

We had a birthday this past week…a special 6th birthday for my beautiful baby… er…big boy.

I was the Mom sitting quietly on the couch watching him open his gifts and thinking of every birthday that has passed and how he’s grown from such a small, dependent baby to this gentle, emotional, independent, solid 6-year-old.  He is a smart and very inquisitive boy, which at times drives me up a wall, but when we are out and about and he whips out one of the topics which we’ve talked about, that a 6-year-old doesn’t normally chat about, I beam with pride.  He sucks everything into that giant noggin of his and there it stays until it’s needed again.

I love this boy so….

He made me a Mom and for that, he will always have my heart.

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Boy!  

Thank you for helping me to learn patience, kindness, unconditional love and that a smile and a giggle can really change ones day.  You sir, are a blessing and a gift that I could never have imagined would bring me such joy. ❤

Be mine….Oh, wait you already are.

Happy Valentines Day!  

Ahhh, Yes, Valentine’s Day!  This day in my life has had many meanings as the years have ticked away.  When I was little, it was another excuse to get candy.  When I was in grade school it was an excuse to find out who liked you.  Once in grade school, maybe 3rd or 4th grade, a boy from my school dropped off a dozen red roses to me at my house!  Crazy, I thought, but  hey, that’s how I rolled with the grade school boys! 😉   As a teenager Valentine’s day was a reason to ogle the boys and try to figure out what that girl had that I didn’t.  As a twenty something, it was known as Black *insert day of the week here*, mainly because we ladies never seemed to have steady beaus around that time.  I do believe that there is too much pressure on Valentine’s day for the daters of the world, but that is a different post all together.  Now, it’s for my little ones, a chance for them to get chocolate, heart-shaped breakfast and learn that giving and showing love is not just a February 14th occasion, but an everyday occasion.

I love my kids, sometimes they would say too much.  But when I hug and kiss them, I make sure to give them a special little squeeze because I know that there are so many little ones that don’t get nearly the amount of love that my little ones get.

So forget the cards, and candy (well chocolate is always a good thing) and instead give a little extra squeeze to the ones you love and tell them why you love them, they’ll appreciate it more than that piece of paper in the long run. ❤