Spring is not here yet….

I’m not sure that I have EVER wanted spring more than I do this year.

I am not quite sure if it is because we just finished reading The Long Winter, by Laura Ingalls Wilder or if I actually feel like this has been the longest winter EVER!

Long Winter

Either way I am desperately craving warmth and sunshine even though the low tonight is supposed to -9 degrees….I am trying to be positive as the over 4 feet of packed snow in the yard dwindles slowly.  On the warmer days, every inch it melts is one inch closer to seeing grass.  It usually seems to happen over night anyway.

One way to “feel” spring before it happens around here is to order our chicks and piggies for the year!  We have done that already! 26 day old chicks will be here next week (some for meat and some to keep for eggs) and 3 piggies in a few short months!

The newest additions to the farm this year….. Drum-roll please….


30,000 Honey Bees!

Yes…we (actually the hubs) is taking on the chore of bees…which is good because although I am not scared of bees and really appreciate all that they do for us, they creep me out…they are in the buggy category after all.  I am getting better with that part of farming, although not fast enough in my opinion!

Next is a dairy cow…Oh, how I long for a dairy cow!!


And now we wait…

We are ready for our newest additions!!  Next weekend we are picking up our piggies and we are so excited!!  We have planned and planned and built a great place for them to live and play and now we have to wait a whole week…I might just explode. 😉

In the beginning there were over 100 pallets…

And one handsome hubby…

And some good friends…

And some adorable kids…

And some grey, yucky looking pre-spring grass…

And a little extra bracing for some strong pigs….

And a little break for some in dirt playing….

And a ton of screws…

And a hill for extra grazing…

You can huff and puff, this house is going NOWHERE…..

Any pig would be glad to reside here in their 64×22 pen…

Less than $250 for pen and housing…reusing and reclaiming = Green living and happy pigs

And one approving hen awaiting her friends. ❤

There are nay sayers, those who think we are crazy for taking on this responsibility in addition everything else that we do in a day.  The difference is that we WANT to do this.  We want to have a little farm and learn how to grow our own food and sustain ourselves.  I love knowing where most of our food is coming from and that we know how to make and grow our own.  We are always learning and love that about this adventure.

Life is learning, I learned that from my Dad… ❤

Tap, Tap, Tapping….

Our inaugural tree tapping happened this long weekend!

The days have been warm and the nights cool, so hey…tapping is going on early this year. 🙂  Local sugar shacks are already making maple syrup, so why shouldn’t we??

We came across a killer clearance sale at Lowes last year on their maple tree tapping kits so we jumped on it and now we have 9 buckets going, each holding 3 gallons.  It takes 10 gallons of sap to make 1 quart of syrup.  Its more the process and the experience that we are in search of, full well knowing that we aren’t going to line the shelves with maple syrup for the entire year.  The kids were really excited to help, they were out there, freezing their little buns off, in the 20 MPH winds helping hang the buckets and braving the woods.  I have to admit that I am a bit of a bug freak, particularly ticks so we don’t necessarily go gallivanting through the woods.  Although, truth be told I really wish we could gallivanting…  I’m getting there, slowly. 😉

Drip…Drip…Dripping our way to Maple Ice Cream!

Bubba helping Dad…

Haven’t figured out why these buckets are bright blue?!

Big Ol’ Sugar Maple!

We have 2 gorgeous old rock walls that line one side of the property…I think it may have been a road at one time.  This is one of the main reasons that we bought the house…we just loved the history of the land. ❤

I try to imagine all of the different kids through the years that must have played on these rocks…

Ahhhh….I can’t imagine looking out and not seeing trees!  We’ve done our time in the city and wouldn’t trade the scenery we have now…it’s mother nature at her best!

We’ll see if our cup runneth over with sap.. 😉